About Us

We are a team with a huge passion for all kinds of artwork, digital art, and graphic design and have a deep interest for history. As a family tradition, we have always collected ancient prints and antique books and through the years we have discovered a lot of amazing engravings and etchings.

This project started by combining our interest for the past with our graphic design skill. We decided to share our collections, taking advantage of technology and slowly but surely we started to acquire a lot of incredible illustrations. Moreover, we spent hours renewing them using advanced photo editing techniques. All the engravings had an excessive number of imperfections because of their age and the paper of the books was quite ruined. Removing all the imperfections was a real challenge, but we were finally able to bring our collection a new brightness.

Today, vintage images are a real trend. They are very useful in order to describe historical context, but they are also an amazing design element. Our collection contains a large number of detailed and highly accurate images that you can view in preview mode, scrolling over them with your mouse.

We are careful to streamline your searches. For each file you can see displayed several highly detailed info like names of people, places, cities, dates and information about the authors.

All our files are high quality jpg format; you can browse our four main galleries: Nature, Old Maps, People - Human Activities - Objects and Places.

For each file, you can select to download the original size or other sizes arranged from small to extra-large.

Besides our four main galleries there are three other galleries: silver, gold and platinum.

These galleries contain all of our collections and are also arranged by the complexity of graphic composition. For example, a single and isolated portrait belongs to the Silver gallery; a complex situation like a cityscape or landscape belongs to the Gold gallery. Very complex files for instance, a colorful and very detailed map are in the Platinum gallery.

Today, we continue to discover and acquire old images with the same passion and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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